Kirk Fischer Music

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Dr. Kirk Fischer

I've been playing all my life, professionally since the age of 15. My original goal was rock-band stardom in the 1970's. For almost 10 years my bands toured nationally and enjoyed considerable midwest regional success, but the hit record thing never quite broke for us.  After nearly a decade of touring and recording I needed a break to reassess and took a job in a piano and organ store.  There I met Carol and the rest - as they say - is really good! We started a family. I put serious music on hold and pursued education, business, and family - watching my kids grow up sounded more appealing than the vagaries and demands of the music world.  I never quit playing, I just stopped thinking of it as a source of income or self-fulfillment. I played for fun.

During the late 1990's I resumed gigging on weekends. My chops started coming back. I built a recording studio in our house. The passion returned. Over the past 20 years I've been privileged to produce some nice projects in the studio, play in many recording sessions, and today am active with a locally popular dance band with friends Jay, TerryLynn, and Richard called Touch of Class.  Carol and I play every Sunday at Grace Presbyterian Church in the praise team with some great musicians. Carol is a strong professional musician in her own right.

And then comes this... my own CD. It is the culmination of all the above in that I have the skill, the will, and the ability to produce the project. I don't have the endless list of well-known names with whom I played on my resume; at least until now. What I do have is a life well-constructed, skills I'll let the listener judge for themselves, and a local musical reputation that keeps me busy in the music scene here just north of Austin, TX.  I am privileged to be surrounded by very talented and successful musicians.

Today my "day gig" is as an Associate Professor of Accounting at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Nerd alert if you dare click on the faculty page. For the full business and academic story follow the Linkedin profile below.